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What does liposuction look like – excellent?

Just recently a patient presented to me whose goal was to have as perfect a stomach as possible and an excellent result. It is exactly the kind of challenge that I personally seek and strive for together with a patient. It is part of my core philosophy and training to find only first-class solutions.

The reason is more than simple. The surgical procedure for liposuction is anything but a 08-15 affair. My patients should only undergo surgery if a wonderful improvement is achieved. As the patient, you bear the costs, the risk and also the convalescence period. Therefore, it is my responsibility to accompany you from the first meeting and long after.

Signature Aesthetics – stands for a signature, a signature. As your specialist in the field, every patient and every operation is highly individualized from start to finish. It’s like a signature – very personal. To my and my team’s delight, this performance is greatly rewarded, which motivates us to strive for the best every time.


What are the real challenges of liposuction?

As I have already described elsewhere, there are a number of misconceptions that a slim and flat stomach can be achieved by suctioning off fatty tissue. Unfortunately, this type of surgery rarely meets the expectations of third parties, let alone patients.

The aesthetic challenges are:

  • Minimal, barely visible scars
  • Feminine harmonious waist
  • 3D torso and shape of the upper body

You will not see any scars below and the methods and techniques that come into applications aim to do all that a result looks natural.

Healing and convalescence is a major aspect of this not exactly simple procedure. Weekly surgeries have provided many approaches to achieve side effects, low pain and fast wound healing to many years of training in the USA.

After result of liposuction on the abdomen

The patient had approx. 10 kg of fat on her stomach and hips. The belly bulged clearly outwards, starting at the navel and moving towards the pubic area. Overall, the shape or figure was very round when viewed from the side and no waist was visible from the front and back.



Even with a “big belly”, “round belly”, “excess fat” and sometimes even a “fat apron”, it is possible to regain an incredibly attractive figure. However, it also depends on how the conditions are and how you work on them yourself after the operation.

I will teach you this and more in detailed consultations so that the desired success is achieved

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