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Lip augmentation

You will rarely be convinced by an injection to enlarge the lips. The aim of lip augmentation is to shape and create an aesthetic line of the mouth. Lip augmentation, or lip augmentation, lip plumping or fuller lips, is a very popular aesthetic treatment among women today


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We’ve all seen people somewhere who look like they’ve been snogged by a moose and have to live with dinghy-like lips.

The upper and lower lip have a very specific shape and it requires an aesthetic and creative process to achieve the changes that are to be realized through augmentation together with the patient.

However, I would rather use the term lip sculpting, because according to Dr. Scholz, the lips are not only enlarged, but must be creatively created and shaped like a sculpture with many aesthetic factors.

I often ask patients to come back to my private practice after a few days to achieve the final definition and perfect symmetry with a second treatment.

The great thing about this treatment is that my patients can participate directly in the creative process with a mirror during the treatment and experience all the decisions that need to be made.

In this way, I also learn a lot about the aesthetic wishes and goals of my patients. I always recommend that you start with a temporary filler, which dissolves after about 8 months.

As described above, it is very important that I go through this creative process together with my patients to show them what the possibilities are and also to learn about their aesthetic visions.

I think it is extremely important to get to know your patient very well in order to understand their ideas, wishes, hopes and goals. Patients usually learn a lot during the months and often even change their aesthetic ideal again.

It is an intensive and exciting learning process, which in my opinion should always precede a longer-lasting or even permanent filler (synthetic, such as implants and synthetic fillers, or biological, such as autologous fat / lipotransfer).

I may combine the treatment with a local or regional anesthetic. My aim is to offer this treatment completely pain-free, as like all my treatments this should be an extremely positive experience.


Methods to enlarge lips

Many interested women rightly ask which methods are available.

Enlargement can be carried out using various modern and proven methods. In general, these can be divided into

  1. Temporary fillers such as hyaluronic acid
  2. Permanent fillers such as autologous fat
  3. Implants (synthetic or biological)

Hyaluronic acid

Among the temporary filler materials, hyaluronic acid fillers are mainly used to inject the lips.

Autologous fat

Permanent fillers can be synthetic, but the most common biological method used in my practice today is autologous fat therapy (lipofilling).


In the case of implants, the patient’s own dermis or other dermis (lower skin layers) are usually used very successfully depending on the application and objective.

Surgical lip augmentation

We no longer offer surgical lip augmentation with implants.

Surgical lip augmentation is performed using implants and requires intensive consultation and planning. With the surgical method you achieve a permanent result which is achieved with synthetic or biological implants.

Healing process

After the aesthetic procedure by the plastic surgeon, you should follow the instructions for aftercare and follow-up treatment.

The great advantage of our lip augmentation treatment methods is that you have a very short rehabilitation period and can return to your everyday activities immediately.

Risks and side effects

In addition to the risk of an allergic reaction to possible local anesthetics, other short-term risks include secondary bleeding or infections.

The occurrence is extremely rare, but to be on the safe side, regular follow-up checks should be carried out by the plastic surgeon.

Longer-term side effects can include scarring, calcification of the transplanted autologous fat during lipofilling, dislocation of the fatty tissue (following the force of gravity), the filler becoming visible on the skin surface (if applied too superficially, nodule formation, etc.).

All these side effects and risks are extremely rare, which means that the treatment methods presented here can all be classified as very safe and effective.

Questions and answers

When can activities be pursued?

State-of-the-art treatment techniques lead to an easier and faster recovery. After treatment, you should be able to carry out all your everyday and leisure activities.

For occasional sneezing, it is recommended that you only sneeze with your mouth open and avoid making major efforts with your mouth (e.g. singers, musicians playing wind instruments).

Are there scars?

As the surgical incisions for the implants are made in very discreet places, scarring is minimal and usually almost invisible.

The scars fade over time until only wafer-thin lines are visible, which are barely noticeable. People who are prone to excessive scarring (keloids) should discuss this with their surgeon. There are treatment options that can be used prophylactically before an operation.

In addition, these patients require special attention in the postoperative course in order to carry out appropriate scar care and scar treatments, which can prevent the formation of wide scars or excessive scars.

Can you eat afterwards?

Yes, absolutely. The lip is in no way restricted in its function after lip augmentation and is fully functional. The chewing act can take place as before without any problems during eating and food intake.

How long does lip augmentation last?

Permanent materials or implants last forever and are permanent.

How old do you have to be for lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is not recommended for women who are not yet fully developed, as the shape of the face and lips can still change. In our private practice, we only treat patients who are over 18 years old and in good general health.

Why is lip augmentation performed?

Like everything in life, there are a number of reasons for lip augmentation. These vary from patient to patient.

The most common reasons to have this surgery are narrow lips, lips without definition, asymmetrical lips, or lips that are too long (caused by the aging process).

However, modern methods and developed standards in plastic surgery enable considerable aesthetic improvements, especially in lip augmentation.



Before you wish to undergo a surgical procedure with an implant, I recommend that you first undergo lip injections with fillers such as hyaluronic acid, especially for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. The result is not permanent with the fillers and after a certain time the original shape is back.

Before and after pictures of you can be used to check the success and whether you have had a good experience. Only then could a surgical implant be planned.

Further information

Dr. Scholz Munich

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Picture credits © Christof Arnold

Picture credits © Christof Arnold


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