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Breast revision

Breast revision is an operation that is performed secondarily after an initial breast operation. The reason for this is that an aesthetic and functional goal has not been achieved or where the result of the first operation has proven over time to be an inadequate long-term result. Of course, there are also changes such as ageing or weight changes that worsen the result of an initial operation, so that these patients may require a revision or correction.

The breast revision in detail


Breast revision


Correction of malpositions, asymmetries, functional deficits after breast surgery that has already been performed


approx. 2-3 hours


General anesthesia


Breast revision is highly dependent on the initial findings.

Prices & costs

depending on the initial findings and surgery


Inpatient or outpatient


Barely visible


Cooling in the first 24 hours without contact with water

Socially acceptable

approx. 1 to 2 weeks

Sport & Leisure

up to 6 wo. no heavy lifting or sport. Light exercises after 2 – 4 weeks. No sun on scars for 3 months, normal movement possible, showers and baths after approx. 3 -4 days


Women present a number of changes when they present to our private practice for a potential revision:

  • Malpositioning of breast implants
  • Volume loss due to rupture of a breast implant
  • Capsular contracture
  • Asymmetries
  • Loss of mammary gland tissue
  • Functional deficits

Certainly, the problems and complaints as well as the wishes, ideas and expectations of these patients are very different and it requires very individual care, preparation, implementation and follow-up depending on the deformities that originally led you to us.

Secondary surgery, or breast revision, can be a major challenge for both the cosmetic surgeon and the patient. I will be happy to personally show you options that will not only help you to look fantastic again, but also to feel fantastic.


Introduction to breast revision

For the serious surgeon, the main question in breast revision is whether the renewed or persistent discomfort is in reasonable proportion to a new operation.

I very often experience how I can learn a lot from and about my patients during my detailed consultations and how my patients increasingly understand the facts about their breast deformity. Surgery is not always the right course of action for complaints following primary breast surgery.

For example, some women are dissatisfied with the results a few weeks to months after breast augmentation because the original surgeon released this patient from his medical follow-up examinations early on.

This naturally causes uncertainty and these patients are rightly unhappy. However, the healing of the soft tissue around the implant is only completed after 1 to 1 1/2 years.

In this respect, there is a time window in which the contour and position of an implant can still be influenced very positively. In such a situation, a non-surgical approach could possibly be the solution for you.

It generally helps in such an undertaking if patients have already taken out follow-up cost insurance at the time of the first operation, so that the cost of a breast revision does not multiply the original price that you invested in the first operation in the hope of an adequate long-term result.


It depends very much on individual wishes and expectations and may also mean that a different breast implant should be used.

There is often no “standard of care” that can provide any kind of direction in terms of surgical methods and approaches.

During the detailed initial consultation, Dr. Scholz will explain the methods and techniques that will be effective for your individual breast revision.

Procedure of the surgery

Breast revisions vary greatly. Of course, the operations also vary greatly in length.

You will always be looked after before, during and after the operation by our specially selected and intensively trained team, which has built up a very personal relationship with our patients. As soon as an operation is planned, you will get to know your anesthetist, who will also look after you during the operation.

On the day of the operation, you will be operated on in the centrally located private clinic in Munich. This is followed by immediate intensive monitoring.

If desired, an overnight stay in the clinic with staff trained in intensive care medicine can be arranged. It is also possible that we may advise you to stay overnight in your personal case for medical reasons. Discharge takes place on the day of the operation or on the first postoperative day.

After leaving the private clinic, you have a 24-hour emergency number for your safety.

Breast revision costs

The price for breast revision varies greatly. Please give us a call and arrange a consultation with me.

In our consultation, you will be advised in detail and a procedure will be planned together, which will allow the cost structure for a breast revision to be narrowed down more precisely.


State-of-the-art surgical techniques lead to a quick and easy recovery. To support the healing process, you must wear a special bra – affectionately known as a “granny bra” – day and night for 6 weeks. The surgical wound must not get wet in the first few days, so the full bath or shower should be replaced by a sponge bath.

You can also lift your arms above your shoulders immediately after the operation, which enables you to wash your hair, apply make-up, etc. independently.

Carrying weights and one-sided strain should be strictly avoided. Sunbathing should be avoided until the scar has completely healed. This can last a whole year or more. Continuous management and care of the scars is also beneficial afterwards.

Sport after breast revision

As the mammary gland tissue still needs to firm up in position, you should avoid exercise – apart from walks in the fresh air – during the first month. Light exercises can be started after 2 to 4 weeks . It is important to take it easy on the chest and upper body area and to avoid sweating until the incisions have completely healed. Abrupt movements lead to traction on the implants and sweat has a negative effect on wound healing.

In addition, heavy lifting (> 5kg) should be avoided for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. However, you can sleep on your back or on your side immediately after the operation. If possible, it is advisable to sleep with your upper body raised (30-45°) for the first 1-2 weeks.

Sports such as tennis, jogging or horse riding should only be resumed after 6 weeks to 3 months (with a special bra). As rehabilitation can vary greatly from person to person, we have prepared regular follow-up checks for you. When sports and other activities can be resumed should always be discussed individually with the surgeon during these follow-up checks.

Pain after breast revision

The sensation of pain is a completely individual variable. While sensitive women complain of pain, less sensitive women can easily cope with the pain. However, as this is a surgical procedure, post-operative pain and soreness must be controlled with medication. Nowadays there are a variety of very intelligent pain medications that allow a quick return to normal daily activities.


In addition to the risk of anesthesia, which exists with every operation, other short-term risks include secondary bleeding or infections. The occurrence is extremely rare, but regular follow-up examinations by the plastic surgeon should be carried out to be on the safe side.

As these operations can generate a fairly large wound area in both breasts, it is possible that fluid accumulations (seroma) may occur after the operation despite wound drainage. If the body cannot compensate for this fluid, it may be necessary to remove this fluid during the follow-up check via a puncture in the area of the scars (and therefore without pain).

Other side effects (extremely rare!) include circulatory disorders, temporary or permanent numbness, scarring, wound separation, injury to adjacent structures, loss of the ability to breastfeed, and others.


Questions and answers

How long will it take for me to fully recover?

After the operation it is necessary to wear a special, supportive post-operative bra 24 hours a day. This looks a bit like a sports bra and is designed to support and protect your new breasts during the healing process. As every patient is different, recovery times vary, but we generally expect a full recovery and return to all normal activities six to eight weeks after surgery at the earliest. Most people return to work one to two weeks after the procedure.

Will I have scars?

As the surgical incisions are usually made in very discreet places, even in breast revision surgery, the scarring is minimal and usually almost invisible. The scars fade over time until only wafer-thin lines are visible, which are barely noticeable.

People who are prone to excessive scarring (keloids) should discuss this with their surgeon. There are treatment options that can be used prophylactically before an operation.

In addition, these patients require special attention during the postoperative period to ensure appropriate scar care and scar treatment to prevent the formation of wide scars or excessive scarring.

Is it possible to breastfeed after a breast revision?

Yes, this is usually the case. It is advisable to tell the plastic surgeon if you plan to have children and are breastfeeding. This is an important topic that should be discussed in detail.


Follow-up checks take place in the clinic at regular intervals after the operation. Wound healing is a process that takes at least 1 to 1 1/2 years.

For this reason, long-term follow-up checks are a matter of course for our patients, medically sensible, an absolute service in our eyes and a great pleasure for us to analyze the long-term results together with you. We want to make sure that you still love your esthetic result decades later as much as you did on the first day.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Scholz for a follow-up examination long after the operation. It is incredibly important for Dr. Thomas Scholz to monitor long-term results and also to discuss their satisfaction with the outcome with his patients.

Follow-up examinations even after some time are standard for us.

Dr. Scholz Munich

  • Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon, University of California, USA
  • German specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery
  • Swiss specialist certification for plastic and aesthetic surgery
Picture credits © Christof Arnold

Picture credits © Christof Arnold


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