Breast Lift

The breast lift, which can also be mastopexy or breast lift may be an excellent solution for you. This type of operation is performed very safely and very effectively by us in Munich due to many causes and indications.

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Breast ptosis is a problem that affects many women and is influenced by many factors such as pregnancy, changes in body weight, aging, congenital deformities, late effects of breast implants, and many more.

Breast ptosis is typically caused by a reduction in mammary glandular tissue, which is accompanied by excess and loss of skin elasticity. Breast augmentation with implants can, to some extent, have a firming and lifting effect. However, a formal breast lift is recommended, depending on the extent of the procedure. The Regnault classification, which was described in 1976, divides the breast ptosis into 4 degrees. Furthermore, it must be clearly analyzed whether a glandular (mammary gland) ptosis, a real ptosis (true ptosis), a pseudoptosis, or a parenchymatous (tissue) maldistribution among other things is present.

The operation of a breast lift allows me not only to lift the breast, but also to increase the projection of the breast (less flat appearance). In addition, the nipple with the nipple auricle can be moved to any position, the breast can be completely reshaped so that a much more youthful shape can be achieved. Breast lift can also be combined with breast augmentation (mastopexy augmentation). This procedure allows the breast shape, size, projection and position of the nipple to be changed.

Whether you are a good candidate for breast augmentation, breast lift or a combined procedure must be discussed individually and in great detail during the consultation. These operations can be very complex as they combine a variety of variables and biological factors. It is advisable to have such operations performed exclusively by experts in this field in order to achieve an excellent long-term result for you.

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