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Ultrasound – laser liposuction an alternative

Many women and men who think about how to get rid of their fat also think about medical solutions. Plastic and aesthetic methods have brought many innovations in recent years. These include new methods such as Smart Lipo, laser technology or ultrasound liposuction.

But what are the experiences with these methods, what are their advantages and disadvantages? What are the risks, problems and can laser or ultrasound keep up with current methods?



All minimally invasive procedures adhere to the problem of reducing only limited amounts of fat. Tightening of the tissue is rarely achieved convincingly by the methods and is rather based on general processes of the body.

If you want to get rid of your fat without ultrasound or laser surgery, you can only hope for limited possibilities. Tight skin and a better shape of the stomach, bottom or legs will probably rarely happen.

Laser technology

The new methods sound promising for significantly improving your figure without surgery compared to surgical liposuction, which is a much more extensive procedure on the body.

Methods and devices are known as:

  • Smart Lipo Laser
  • Smartlipo
  • Laser technology
  • Liposuction with laser

Be it the laser technique or the ultrasound method. Both are often offered as the solution par excellence for minimally invasive fat reduction on the abdomen, buttocks or thighs without surgery – ideally in combination with a tightening.

Many patients who make friends with these procedures must be aware in advance that many results will remain a wish, here you can really trust me. As a serious doctor, I always choose the method that is most beneficial to the patient.

The following problems exist with laser methods

  • Tightening of skin and tissue is missing
  • Long-term outcome unclear
  • Larger amounts of fat not possible
  • Scars, scarring

How does the laser work?

Liposuction with laser sounds good and inexpensive. Is that true? Here is my view on this therapy.

In this treatment, the tip of a liposuction cannula is used to install an ultrasound head or a laser to treat the tissue, which is primarily nothing other than a heat source. Unfortunately, these thermal effects have no advantages and in most cases only disadvantages.

Heat in human tissue has never been a good idea.

You may have heard about burns and how some people are disfigured by burn wounds and have hardly any quality of life left. This is nothing other than the effect of heat on the tissue and nobody would say that a burn would have achieved a nice tightening of the tissue.

Problems – disadvantages – complications

The problem is not only that these techniques, just like any other technique, do not achieve a tightening effect, but that heat can cause potentially destructive complications in the tissue.

Skin necrosis and fatty tissue necrosis are the most common. Necrosis is dead tissue. Fatty tissue necrosis can become as hard as stone and can be extremely painful.

The only solution is to surgically remove these fatty tissue necroses. Even if everything runs smoothly with these techniques, you have to take a close look at the result to see whether the effort and benefit are really in proportion.

How does ultrasound work?

The ultrasound method uses focused sound waves to reduce fat.

According to the medical manufacturers, the ultrasound waves destroy fat or fat cells which are then broken down naturally. So far there is no scientific proof that ultrasound really delivers what is promised.

However, it can be assumed that, in the best case, results will be achieved for small fat deposits. In addition, you will not achieve the shape you want on your stomach, bottom or legs, for example.

Are there scars?

Liposuction with ultrasound and or laser leaves more scar tissue due to the thermal effects, which usually leads to the soft tissue and skin sticking to the surface and the region on your body not behaving or moving well.

However, one thing is beyond discussion: liposuction with ultrasound or laser is not faster, more effective or has better long-term results than classic liposuction.


The surgical technique of liposuction is a very safe and effective way to remove fat deposits, according to consistent experience reports.

The new laser and ultrasound methods are unlikely to deliver what they promise unless they are used for smaller “problem areas”. Even with these procedures offered as “modern minimally invasive methods”, there is a risk of necrosis in particular.

I would be happy to provide you with detailed information in person. In particular, why fat reduction and tightening operations are a surgical challenge and should be seen as anything but a simple operation.

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