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Lipotransfer autologous fat

When it comes to liposuction, experience reports show that this aesthetic procedure is often misunderstood. Dr. Thomas Scholz briefly shows you that liposuction mainly reduces volume, e.g. on the abdomen, and requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity.

Read in 5 min. the most important thing:

Liposuction uses very special cannulas developed specifically for this purpose by the medical technology industry. These cannulas create a negative suction which the experienced surgeon can use to remove fatty tissue from specific areas of the body.

Unfortunately, there are many misunderstandings and a number of general misconceptions among patients regarding the possibilities of getting rid of fat deposits on the stomach, legs or bottom without any problems.

First of all, the surgical technique of liposuction is not difficult in principle. For this reason, many doctors who want to offer this operation go on weekend courses to learn about liposuction as an aesthetic solution.


Natural shape

As a result, the doctor will certainly master the technique of liposuction of fat cells. But that is not the challenge. The most important goal a patient wants is a natural and pleasing result that makes the figure look feminine and beautiful.

Therefore, the sole ability to suction fat tissue from under the skin is far from achieving an excellent, safe, effective and harmonious result with natural contours.

Liposuction is a significant procedure and very difficult to master.

Many years of surgical experience are a prerequisite, in addition to many years of specialized training as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon.


But why is liposuction such a major procedure and should not be performed during the lunch break? Dr. Scholz knows the problem: depending on the anatomical region, liposuction usually causes a very large wound area under the skin.

This plastic surgery also results in significant fluid displacement, which is reflected in swelling for a long time after liposuction.

The above-mentioned risks can be controlled if the attending physician performs the operation with great concentration and long experience in the field.

No tightening

A tightening effect can be completely ruled out, especially in the long-term result. This applies to all methods such as

  • Traditional liposuction
  • Ultrasound technology
  • Laser assisted techniques.

Liposuction can only remove volume. The new contour is created by a passive biological process based on the “elastic recoil” of the fatty tissue, soft tissue and skin.

This is also the reason why the best results can be achieved if the patient has very elastic skin.

The elastic recoil is very different in different anatomical regions and as we age, the skin and soft tissues lose elasticity and liposuction is often not necessarily the treatment or therapy of choice.

Liposuction cannot tighten your soft tissue and skin in any way.

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