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How dangerous is a tummy tuck?

Dr. Thomas Scholz has specialized in this surgical procedure for many years. He underwent selective training in the USA and has operated at various renowned clinics. Tummy tucks have been performed several times a week for years.

If you are asking yourself as a patient: How dangerous is a tummy tuck? Dr. Thomas Scholz can give you absolutely reliable and safe advice on the risks and side effects in detail. He will also check with you whether you meet the requirements and how the aftercare plan works. If the prerequisites are also determined with certainty, many medical risks are excluded from the outset.


How dangerous is it?

Abdominoplasty is not initially a simple, established standard procedure. This operation therefore places high demands on the surgeon in terms of consultation, experience, preliminary planning, execution and aftercare.

Other important factors are the surgical team, the clinic and the perfect fulfillment of many medical standards. The operation itself requires 4 to 6 hours of concentrated work by an experienced specialist.

Dangerous side effects and risks are reduced to a medical minimum and are manageable, says Dr. Thomas Scholz. Of course, there are risks with every operation, but these are minimized by the experts in this field.


A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that can involve certain risks. It is important to understand these risks and make an informed decision.

Some of the possible risks of a tummy tuck are

  1. General surgical risks: As with any surgery, there is a risk of bleeding, infection, allergic reactions to anesthesia, blood clots and wound healing disorders.

  2. Complications specific to abdominoplasty: Possible complications include changes to the sensations in the abdominal area, in particular temporary numbness or nerve damage, which can lead to temporary or, in rare cases, permanent changes in sensitivity. There is also a risk of asymmetries, insufficient tightening or undesirable scarring. Your surgeon will carefully plan the correct technique and placement of incisions to minimize these risks.

It is important that you consult with your surgeon in detail before the procedure and discuss all your medical history, current medications and possible risk factors. Your surgeon will assess your individual circumstances and help you weigh up the potential risks and benefits of a tummy tuck.

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