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Chemical peeling from the USA

Chemical peeling – the healthiest and most cost-effective method that makes your skin glow and can prevent skin cancer!

Our new chemical peels are here! The latest products and methods from the USA not only improve your skin quality but also remove damaged cells and cell structures that threaten your life as precursors to skin cancer.

The sun becomes more aggressive. Everywhere on earth. And skin cancer affects and threatens us all. The UV rays that cause skin cancer have a cumulative effect.


This means that the more sun you have been exposed to in your lifetime, the more likely you are to develop skin cancer. In medicine, it is always emphasized how prevention is better than aftercare. Sun protection is important, but does not always prevent cancer.

A chemical peel is an ablative procedure (it removes upper layers of skin and damaged cells and the lower layers of skin regenerate for a better, healthier complexion), which has the following benefits

  • A gentle and very easy to control method
  • Removal of sun damage to the skin
  • Removal of age spots
  • Removal of skin growths
  • Removal of skin scars
  • Removal of superficial wrinkles
  • Removal of pigment disorders
  • Removal of dermatological diseases (such as melasma, etc.)
  • Improvement of the skin structure
  • Improving the architecture of the skin
  • Improving the protective function of the skin
  • Improvement in skin thickness
  • Improvement in skin quality

So ask yourself how much time your skin has been exposed to aggressive sunlight in your life? There are a number of procedures that are expensive and do not offer the same benefits as a chemical peel. It doesn’t take a lot of money, but reason and the knowledge to do the right thing.

Dr. Thomas Scholz has spent over 9 years studying skin health in Southern California, a place where aggressive sun is as much at home as the best treatments to make your skin healthier and glowing.

We have the solution and the answers to your questions when it comes to the health of your skin.

Clinic Munich

Plastic surgeon
Dr. Thomas Scholz
Platzl 2
80331 Munich


Medical Experience

Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon, University of California, USA

German specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Swiss specialist accreditation for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Head of Signature Aesthetics – Southern California Plastic Surgery



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