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Breast Augmentation Dr. Scholz

For me – Dr. Thomas Scholz – every breast augmentation is a challenge to achieve the right aesthetic result for the patient. More than 10 years of practical experience in Southern California are successfully implemented to create a natural and aesthetic breast for women.


The breast implant is the surgeon’s tool for giving volume – nothing more.

The real dexterity is needed when modeling anatomically naturally sized breasts.

Simply making a surgical incision in a “dissected pocket” into which the breast implant is inserted is not the method fora result that stands out clearly and is then beautiful to look at.

The most important component of breast augmentation is the plastic and three-dimensional shaping of the soft tissue of the breast and mammary gland around the breast implant.

This extremely creative process gives the breast a completely new shape, which has become necessary due to the increased volume.

Simply adding volume to a good-looking natural breast with the help of an implant, without the time-consuming process of individual shaping, will never end in an aesthetically excellent long-term result for the patient.

Apart from the fact that the breast must be completely reshaped creatively around the implant with its new volume, all individual asymmetries and problems with deviations must be recognized.

Costs / Prices

While patients often focus on the breast implant and perhaps look for low prices or a price comparison, it is easy to forget what it is all about.

It is an aesthetic change that requires a great deal of sensitivity and not the installation of any replacement part in the body.

Any price comparison or cost consideration, as well as the exploration of possibilities in the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey or elsewhere, lead in a completely different direction.

As a patient, you are more likely to consider the“low price” as the decisive factor and not whether you choose the best plastic surgeon or the best technique, which have completely different factors such as consultation, planning, surgery time and expertise.

When looking for the “best doctor”, you should talk to the surgeon and focus on creativity and surgical skill. You will be satisfied with your breasts long after the price has been forgotten.


A breast augmentation with me, Dr. Thomas Scholz, is a time-consuming treatment with intensive preliminary consultation, complex surgery and long-term aftercare.

For this service package in Munich, you will receive a wonderful price/performance ratio as well as an absolutely individualized breast surgery procedure

This concept and the sophisticated methods were acquired in the USA and developed further with a great deal of experience.

For me, it is the time-consuming modeling and shaping of a large, beautiful breast that requires a lot of personal commitment and enthusiasm.

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Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon, University of California, USA

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