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3 tips for the mommy makeover

Recovering from a Mommy Makeover can be a stressful time for many, especially for new moms who have a family to care for. However, recovering from a mommy makeover doesn’t have to be a challenge or cause you unnecessary headaches.

There are a few small things you can do to speed up and simplify your recovery so that you can quickly enjoy your family and your new figure to the full.

Speed up your recovery time after the Mommy Makeover with these three simple steps.


1. Combine OP’s to a Mommy Makeover

The great advantage of a Mommy Makeover is that you can combine several procedures into a single operation. This means that you only have to undergo one anesthetic and that you only have to recover from one operation.

Your recovery after a Mommy Makeover, which usually combines tummy tuck surgery with breast surgery, liposuction, etc., may take longer than if you had only one of the surgeries, but it will still be less than if you had to go through multiple recovery processes for each surgery.

I always discuss with my patients whether and which procedures can be safely combined in each case to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional results.

2. Maintain discipline and follow medical instructions

As you know, it is always important to follow the instructions after an operation. This is particularly important after a mommy makeover.

We provide clear and concise instructions on how to care for your body and incisions after surgery. All these instructions have been thought through down to the last detail and will not keep you away from your daily activities any longer than necessary.

Compliance with my instructions is crucial for a quick and successful recovery. This will help to prevent possible complications or infections after the operation. Follow-up checks are incredibly important, as wound healing is basically a long process and regular checks are extremely important, especially in the initial phase.


3. Light exercise promotes regeneration

After this type of combined cosmetic surgery, some swelling and bruising are absolutely normal. It is essential that you get up and walk as soon as possible after the operation.

This keeps your blood circulating, which not only reduces possible swelling and bruising, but also prevents the formation of blood clots. Certainly sports, heavy lifting and strenuous activities should be avoided initially, but light walking is highly recommended.


If you have opted for this combined cosmetic surgery and would like to find out more about what you can expect in terms of recovery, I will provide you with comprehensive information. In my private practice in Munich, I take a lot of time to ensure that you feel confident about this procedure.

The Mommy Makeover is one of my absolute specialties and I have flawless results and reviews from patients. Talk to me about it.

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