Signature Aesthetics

Signature Aesthetics by Dr. Thomas Scholz is specialized in modern techniques of aesthetic surgery in combination with functional medicine.

Years of experience have been gained in regions such as Southern California and Hollywood / Los Angeles. Where stars, celebrities and models want aesthetics at the highest level.

Popular beauty operations, such as tummy tuck, breast enlargement, liposuction or facelift have been reliably performed for years. Best ratings and recommendations are regularly given by patients.



  • U.S. trained Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeon, University of California
  • German Plastic Surgeon
  • Swiss approved Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Scholz Muenchen

Aesthetic Surgeries

For women and man with U.S. standards

The USA is a leader in aesthetic medicine and its medical standards.

Dr. Scholz completed the prestigious six-year training program in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at the University of California Irvine in California.

Dr. Scholz says: "The level in Southern California is very high, because body cult and aesthetics are lived with more self-understanding.

As a doctor you have to work perfectly to get recommendations in Los Angeles or Hollywood.


A tummy tuck is a difficult surgical procedure that requires a lot of expertise. In addition to the ability to restore an aesthetic figure and beautiful waist, functional units on the abdomen must be treated therapeutically correctly.

Dr. Thomas Scholz applies modern methods that are more common in Brazil and the USA to achieve wonderful results. By sophisticated techniques a naturally flat belly is created for man and woman.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of Dr. Scholz's most specialized areas and is routinely operated with perfect results. Pictures before and after, references and testimonials will be shown with pleasure during the consultation.

Plastic Surgeon Thomas Scholz

Our concept of treatment

Dr. Thomas Scholz The concept of patient care is designed to see you as a patient even after years. This is the only way to guarantee perfect aesthetic results and to control them.

In the new location at Platzl 2 at the center of Munich, you will be welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere and relaxed modern style. You will be looked after in a personal and discreet small circle.

For aesthetic surgeon Dr. Scholz, your satisfaction with the result has top priority and guarantees you the best treatment.