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Testimonial March, 2019 on Google Business

At the end of November I had a lower eyelid lift with Dr Scholz, everything went really well and I am very happy with the result, really a very good doctor and he is still funny))))))

Testimonial from Jan 16, 2019 on German Doc Search Jameda

I had my nose tip corrected 2 months ago and am very satisfied with the result. Mr. Dr. Scholz did a very good job and the result even exceeded my expectations. My nose has become very beautiful and I am very happy that I have chosen Mr. Dr. Scholz for it. The surgery went very well and I had almost no pain at all. After only 2 weeks, almost nothing was visible from the outside of the operation. 100% recommendation!

Testimonial from Jan 08, 2019 on German Doc Search Jameda

BDS (Tummy Tuck) with closure of rectus diastasis. With my pronounced findings, many a doctor has already beaten his hands over his head. Dr. Scholz took a lot of time in advance and explained many relevant details about the incision, suturing techniques and materials. The result looks first-class. After only a few days, the scars were only fine lines and the belly button he had modeled is also a work of art. With the result m.M.n. can keep up no one."

Testimonial from Oct 10, 2018 on German Doc Search Jameda

Dr. Thomas Scholz is not only an excellent cosmetic surgeon with deep specialist knowledge, but also a very dear and authentic person whom I can recommend with confidence. In my case the choice of the surgeon was very important, because I have a chest with asymmetries and therefore not only professional competence, but also a refined aesthetics was necessary. I also wanted to move from an AA basket to a natural looking B basket, which is not so easy with little breast tissue. I chose this surgeon mainly for two reasons: 1. I had a good feeling right after our first interview because I felt very well advised. Dr. Scholz is a top specialist: He operates with state-of-the-art methods that he has acquired in the USA. He also doesn't need any extra gadgets like 3D simulation, his professional security is completely sufficient. Stationary stays and painful drains are also things of the past for him. After the operation I had hardly any pain and was able to sleep on my side the very first night. I could put on everyday things like clothes, put in the dishwasher, etc. on the 2nd day without any discomfort. I took only 5 pain pills altogether, although I am rather a pain-sensitive person. To the OP result: It exceeded my expectations. Mr. Dr. Scholz understood and implemented my wishes 100%. I am very happy and grateful to have decided for this operation and this surgeon :-)".

Testimonial from Sep 7, 2018 on German Doc Search Jameda

had (6 months ago) a tummy tuck with additional tummy tuck at the end of Feb. 2018 and am so overjoyed to have chosen the best surgeon. Of course, I had several consultations with various plastic surgeons, who could not convince me in the end and therefore I researched very long further. My greatest fear was to decide for the wrong plastic surgeon, one reads a lot of negative ? the beside medical motives rather self-doubt or shame played a role in our decision. My consultation with Dr. Scholz made a very friendly and open impression on me. Dr. Scholz was able to answer all my open questions in detail so that I always felt taken seriously and well looked after. I got to know Dr. Scholz as a very competent and sympathetic person, he has an excellent way of dealing with people, is very detailed with all aesthetic and medical matters. My operation (abdominoplasty) went perfectly. Dr. Scholz is a very passionate plastic surgeon with a special artistic skill. The result was already after the operation unique, great, perfect, just a dream and I was carefully accompanied by Dr. Scholz until the complete healing of the scars. During all our follow-ups Dr. Scholz always spread a good mood and always had a smile on his face like his friendly doctor's assistant. I have only now consciously written the evaluation because every fifth beauty surgery complications entails and I just wanted to wait for me. I can only recommend Dr. Scholz with a very good conscience "This surgeon keeps what he promises". Thank you very much Dr. Scholz also to his team at the Iatros Clinic "Now I am Happy"".

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