Liposuction or liposculpture are surgical techniques that Dr. Scholz regulary performs in conjunction with other procedure to achieve an outstanding result.

It is very important to understand that liposuction was invented and established in any technique to improve the contour. For this reason, there are some misunderstandings about this treatment about the requirements and possibilities.

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This procedure, which is also known as Fat-away Surgery, uses very special and purpose-developed cannulas as well as a negative suction so that the fat tissue can be removed from certain parts of the body.
Unfortunately, there are many misunderstandings and a number of general misinterpretations regarding the possibilities of surgical fat suction. First of all, the technique of liposuction is not difficult in principle.

There is virtually no specialist training for this operation. For this reason, many doctors attend weekend courses to learn liposuction techniques.

However, the sole ability to aspirate fatty tissue under the skin is very far away esthetically an improvement for you to achieve. Patients want a beautiful contour and a harmonious appearance of their body.

Attempts to perform liposuction in very large quantities, especially in unsuitable patients, as well as in the wrong places can lead to pronounced deformities and deviant body contours, which are very difficult to correct.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you’re an ideal candidate for liposuction if:

  • You have excess subcutaneous fat that you want removed from a specific area of your body
  • You’ve already tried to lose weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly
  • You’re within 30 percent of your idea body weight and you have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone
  • You do not have a life-threatening illness or medical condition
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You’re got a healthy outlook on life, regardless of your weight


It takes many years of experience in addition to a long specialized training as a plastic surgeon to understand the problem areas of liposuction and to achieve beautiful before - after results.

Dr. Scholz estimates that half of his clients are corrections in which a previous liposuction did not lead to the desired result and are now seeking help.

The patient's age, previous medical conditions, ethnicity, skin quality and much more are all factors that determine how your skin and soft tissues will react to liposuction.

Some patients only require liposuction / liposculpture, while others require additional treatments to adjust the skin to a harmonious contour.

Dr. Scholz cannot stress enough only to perform this type of procedure with a real specialists. Errors or lack of expertise lead to pronounced and deforming contour irregularities on the patient's body.


This aesthetic plastic surgery is a complicated procedure that requires intuition, experience and responsibility.

The correct choice of method, surgical expertise and the correct identifying of problem areas for each client separately are essential. In addition to an intensive anamnesis, the treatment plan and the doctor's absolute attention are particularly important for you.

Liposuction surgery is a major operation and should not even be performed during the lunch break. Patients often underestimate the complexity of this procedure and the associated problems and risks.

In any case, Dr. Scholz will give you serious consultation and, in case of any doubts, will not recommend this operation if your state of health could suffer as a consequence.

The following table shows you the problem areas during liposuction.

Depending on the anatomical region, a very large wound area is usually caused which lies under the skin.
Table Problems Liposuction
Problem Description
Wound area Depending on the anatomical region, a very large wound area is usually caused which lies under the skin.
Swelling This operation results in significant fluid displacements. Swelling can also occur long after the operation.
Skin Tissues such as soft tissues and skin are not tightened. A tightening effect can be completely excluded, especially in the long-term result. This applies to all known methods and techniques.

Only volume can be removed - nothing more. The new contour is created by a passive biological process, which is based on the "elastic recoil" of the fatty tissue, the soft tissues and the skin.

This is also the reason why the best results can be achieved when the patient has very elastic skin. The elastic recoil is very different in different anatomical regions and as the patient gets older, the skin and soft tissues lose their elasticity.


The technique used in the fat loss surgery is very important for the immediate and long-term outcome as well as for the safety of the treatment.

Dr. Scholz only applies approved liposuction techniques and uses the Safe Lipo method.

Ultrasound - Laser

Ultrasound and laser assisted liposuction are techniques that include a thermal component. This means, for example, that a laser is first and foremost only a heat source. This is dangerous because heat in the tissue is always a risk and fat tissue and / or skin can die.

A liposuction technique that uses heat to act on the tissue usually leaves (even without complications) a baked and stiff, almost "burnt" result.

The skin and the soft tissues stick to the undersurface, which forces many patients to revise and correct their situation again and again. But fortunately, these liposuction techniques, which use laser, ultrasound and heat, are no longer being pursued by the majority of plastic surgeons around the world (and by me as well).

Classical procedures (prefered)

Traditional methods (by suction alone) are much safer, more effective, and generate more natural long-term results. An advanced new method is the Safe Lipo method, which was developed and established by Dr. Simeon Wall in Louisiana.

After his return from the USA, Dr. Scholz started to successfully introduce and use this new procedure in Germany. The process has the advantages:

  • Significantly improved results.
  • Successful in corrections.
  • Revisions of failed liposuction.

Safe Lipo™ uses special cannulas and includes a 3-step treatment:

  • SAFE - Separation
  • aspiration
  • fat equalization

This allows high-volume operations to be performed safely and effectively, consistently generating a harmonious and natural result.

Surgical procedure

The consultation is extremely important for Dr. Thomas Scholz, especially during the fat loss operations. In addition to your personal ideas, your surgeon must check the physical conditions very carefully and discuss the treatment plan with you.

In our discreet private office in the centre of Munich you will be advised in the smallest circle - long and personally without time pressure.

Your plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Scholz is looking forward to meeting you personally.


The procedure is performed in Munich at an excellent and discreet private clinic on Stiglmaierplatz. Top qualified medical professionals in combination with hi-end operating rooms are the basis for best results. They are treated directly after the operation in a pleasant ambience.

Depending on the procedure and how many regions are to be treated, the operation takes different lengths of time.

Liposuction of less than 5 litres can safely be offered as an ambulant treatment, which means that you can go home on the same day after a monitoring phase in the recovery room.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery provides that a liposuction of 5 litres or more will require an overnight stay in the clinic with appropriate monitoring.

After the operation you will receive individual and very personal care until it is guaranteed that you have tolerated the operation well.

Follow-up check-ups take place at regular intervals after the treatment in our private clinic. The healing process as well as the process after the procedure is quite extensive, depending on the type of treatment and localization.

For this reason, long-term follow-up examinations are a matter of course for our patients and make medical sense. In our opinion this is an absolute service and a great pleasure for us to analyse the long-term results together with you.

We would like to make sure that after decades you still love your aesthetic result just as much as you did on the first day.

Costs and Prices

It is not possible to give a flat-rate estimate of costs or prices for this plastic surgery. If you have read this page carefully, it should be clear that only top doctors achieve great results.

Our quotation contains

  • Top Trained Plastic Surgeon for this surgery
  • In-depth Know-How Tissue and Fat cells
  • Professional trained medical staff
  • Long-term follow-up checks in Munich
  • Individual and very detailed consultation
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Healing process

Patients usually recover very well after this aesthetic procedure. However, you must follow some guidelines after the surgery to allow the treated tissue to recover and heal well. Patients rarely need analgesics for longer than 24-48 hours after treatment.

Sports after liposuction

Depending on the size of the anatomical area treated, compression garments must be worn for at least 6 - 8 weeks. During this time it is also very important not to exercise.

During sports, the blood circulation in the entire body increases and the treated tissue cannot sufficiently remove the increased blood circulation, which can lead to renewed swelling in the operation area. If tissue swells again as a result of sport, this has a negative effect on the long-term result.

After the operation you should be able to carry out all your everyday activities. Depending on the size of the treatment, sunbathing, swimming pool, solarium, sports and heavy lifting (> 5kg) should be avoided. Please feel free to talk to us about more details.

Will I have scars?

The surgical incisions in this operation are only 5mm in size. Therefore, the scarring is minimal and usually almost invisible. The scars fade with the time, until only wafer-thin lines are to be seen, which are hardly noticeable.

Exceptions are people who tend to have excessive scarring (keloids). If this is the case, you must speak to us about it. There are treatment options that can be used prophylactically before an operation.

How long does the treatment last?

The cosmetic result of liposuction lasts forever. The fatty tissue that has been removed cannot be replaced by the body. The remaining fatty tissue can only be enlarged in its cellular structures.

This means that the fat that remains after liposuction and generates the new contour will go along with future weight fluctuations without generating any deformities.


If a young woman is treated with riding breeches or similar and then should gain 20 - 30 kg, then the body gains weight everywhere. If the treated areas were not affected by the weight fluctuations, then this young patient would later have dents and depressions in the area of the riding breeches compared to the rest of her body. Since this is not the case, liposuction must generally be considered an excellent method for long-term results.

Age for liposuction

Liposuction is not recommended for patients who are not yet fully developed because the body shape has not yet fully stabilized. We only treat patients who are over 18 years old and have a good general state of health.

Risks and side effects

In addition to the risk of an allergic reaction to possible local anaesthetics, short-term risks include post-operative bleeding, infections and thrombosis. The occurrence is extremely rare, but regular follow-up checks should be carried out to be on the safe side.

Longer-term side effects may include scarring, contour irregularities, chronic pain, or numbness. Described side effects and risks are very rare.


As a patient, you should realize that liposuction is not a simple aesthetic operation. Your doctor must have great competence and experience in this field, because the liposuction procedure is not part of surgical training.

The mere removal of fat does not bring you back an aesthetically appealing shape. Dr. Thomas Scholz worked many years in California USA and was trained there. He sets himself high standards to achieve a wonderful body for his patients. He optimized techniques and methods and built up profound know-how.

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