Lip Augmentation

An injection of lips to enlarge them will rarely convince you. The aim of lip augmentation is to form and create an aesthetic line from the mouth.

A injection of lips to enlarge them will rarely convince you. The aim of lip augmentation is to form and create an aesthetic line from the mouth.

Lip augmentation or lip injections or fuller lips, has now become a very popular minimally invasive treatment.

Read on in 10 minutes - the modern method of Dr. Thomas Scholz:


  • Introduction
  • Procedure of treatment
  • Methods Lips Enlarge
  • Healing process
  • Side effects
  • Conclusion


We've all seen people somewhere who look like they've been kissed by an elk and have to live with lips similar to those of a rubber dinghy.

The upper and lower lips have a very specific shape and an aesthetic and creative process is required to achieve the changes that are to be achieved through augmentation together with the patient. However, I would rather use the term lip sculpture, because according to Dr. Scholz the lips are not only enlarged, but have to be created and formed creatively with many aesthetic factors such as a sculpture.

Lips too big

Too often I see lips that are far too big and voluminous, which have absolutely no definition or natural features of a lip. No lip is treated in the same way and I use a variety of creative and aesthetic techniques during each treatment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind with lip augmentation is that you can achieve a lot with very little filler. Usually the lip also swells quickly, so it becomes more and more difficult to recognize the lip definitions.

Often I ask patients to come back to my private practice after a few days to achieve the final definition and perfect symmetry with a second treatment. The great thing about this treatment is that my patients with a mirror can directly participate in the creative process during the treatment and learn what decisions are necessary.

In this way I also learn a lot about the aesthetic wishes and goals of my patients. I always recommend them to start with a temporary filler, which dissolves after 6 - 8 months.

As described above, it is very important that I experience this creative process together with my patients to show them what possibilities there are and also to learn something about their aesthetic visions.

I think it is extremely important to get to know your patient very well in order to understand his or her ideas, wishes, hopes and goals. Patients usually learn a lot during the months and often their aesthetic ideal even changes again.

It is an intensive and exciting learning process, which in my opinion should always precede a longer lasting or even permanent filler (synthetic such as implants and synthetic fillers or biological such as autologous fat / lipotransfer).

This treatment can be done in my private clinic in Munich. Under certain circumstances I combine the treatment with a local or regional anaesthetic. My goal is to offer this treatment completely painless, as this should be an extremely positive experience like all my treatments.

Cleft lips

The surgical treatment of cleft lips represented a large part of my training in California over 6 years. By correcting the deformities of these cleft lips and restoring a normally shaped lip, I learned a lot about the shape of a well-formed and harmonious lip with a corresponding definition.

Methods Lips Enlargement

Many interested women correctly ask what methods are available.

An enlargement can take place on different modern methods. In general, these can be divided into:

  • Temporary fillers (synthetic or biological)
  • Permanent fillers (synthetic or biological)
  • Implants (synthetic or biological)

Hyaluronic acid preparations are mainly used for temporary filler materials. Occasionally I also use other substances, depending on which properties and qualities of the filler help me most in my work.

Permanent fillers can on the one hand be synthetic, but on the other hand the most common biological method in my practice today is lipofilling.

With implants, patients usually use their own or foreign dermis (lower skin layers) very successfully, depending on the application and objective.

How long does a lip enlargement last?

Temporary filler materials usually last 6-8 months. Permanent filler materials or implants last forever.

How are the fillers or implants inserted?

The placement of the fillers is done exclusively with blunt cannulas of varying thickness. For this purpose, an almost invisible access is made with a sharp cannula at various points on the lip or in the vicinity of the lip. In autologous fat therapy (lipofilling), an identical method is used. Only when inserting implants, such as human dermis (see above), slightly larger incisions of 2.5 to 3 mm are made in order to be able to insert the implant. It is also important to know that these very gentle procedures, which cause a minimal manipulation of the tissue, can be very well combined with other methods of facial rejuvenation (such as botulinum toxin treatments, fillers in other regions, facial operations, but also chemical peeling or laser treatments, etc.).

Surgery Procedure

Depending on the procedure, the treatment takes different lengths of time.

A lip augmentation with filler materials is usually a treatment of 1 to 1.5 hours in the private practice and you can then go home after a short monitoring phase.

This minimally invasive treatment without surgery is performed with or without local anesthesia.

Within the framework of a treatment with implants and / or autologous fat, an operation in the operating theatre is necessary with appropriate preparation and subsequent monitoring.

An overnight stay is not necessary. After the operation you will receive individual and very personal care until it is guaranteed that you have tolerated the operation well.

Healing process

After aesthetic surgery by a plastic surgeon, you should follow the instructions for follow-up care and treatment.

Of course, it depends on whether we have injected the lips with a filler or used a permanent implant.

The great advantage of our treatment methods for lip augmentation is that you have a very short rehabilitation period and can immediately return to your everyday activities. With lipofilling (autologous fat), the area where the fat tissue was removed may still have to be spared. How and for how long should always be discussed individually with the treatment team. Your lips are certainly swollen for several hours to several days.

If no second treatment is planned after a few days for perfect definition and symmetry (this is approximately 25% of the case), then you are immediately socially acceptable again.

Due to the use of blunt cannulae, bruises are very rare. However, if there are any bruises, they will always disappear after a few days and should be covered at any time during this early phase after treatment with make-up.

When can one pursue activities?

State-of-the-art treatment techniques lead to easier and faster recovery. After the treatment you should be able to pursue all your everyday and leisure activities.

For occasional use, it is recommended to sneeze only with your mouth open and to avoid strenuous mouth movements (especially with singers, musicians of wind instruments, etc.). Depending on the individual treatment, a careful consultation with your plastic surgeon is also necessary.

Do we have scars?

Since the surgical incisions in the implants are made in very discreet places, scarring is minimal and usually almost invisible.

The scars fade over time until only wafer-thin lines are visible that are hardly noticeable. People who are prone to excessive scarring (keloids) should discuss this with their surgeon. There are treatment options that can be used prophylactically before an operation.

In addition, special attention must be paid to these patients during the post-operative period in order to carry out appropriate scar care and treatment, which can prevent the development of wide scars or excessive scars.

During the treatment with fillers or lipofilling, very gentle blunt cannulae are used, so that scarring can almost be ruled out (as is the case, for example, after a blood sample).

Risks - side effects

In addition to the risk of an allergic reaction to possible local anaesthetics, there are also short-term risks of post-operative bleeding or infections.

The occurrence is extremely rare, but to be on the safe side regular follow-up checks should be carried out by the plastic surgeon.

Longer-term side effects can be scarring, calcification of the transplanted autologous fat during lipofilling, dislocation of the fatty tissue (following gravity), visibility of the filler on the skin surface (if applied too superficially, formation of nodules, etc.).

All these side effects and risks are extremely rare, which is why all these treatment methods presented here are classified as very safe and effective.


Before you wish to have a surgical intervention with an implant, I recommend working with fillers such as hyaluronic acid first, especially for cosmetic aesthetic purposes. The result with the fillers is only temporary and after a certain time the original form is back.

By taking pictures of you beforehand afterwards, you can check the success and whether you have had good experiences. Only then could an operative implant be planned.