Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery or cosmetic surgeon are not special trainings in the medical field, but reflect more the medical orientation.

Dr. Scholz can refer to an excellent education and practical years in the USA. In Southern California, where body cult is seen as normal, it is common for plastic surgeons to improve his appearance.

What's different about Dr. Scholz?

Plastic-aesthetic operations are often seen under the aspect of beauty. Dr. Scholz combines deep expertise and modern surgical techniques of plastic surgery with functional procedures.

This means aesthetics where the functional units of the operated areas play an important role and require much more skill from the plastic surgeon.

Treatments for women

For many women, good looks are important and physical factors play an important role. With only small corrections, large, positive changes can already be achieved.

The private clinic of Dr. Thomas Scholz is one of the most innovative beauty clinics in Germany and impresses with its many years of experience in aesthetic surgery in Los Angeles California and a very high number of successful operations.

Whether breast augmentation or liposuction, tummy tuck or eyelid correction, many problems in women can be solved with low-risk procedures in such a way that the woman feels comfortable in her skin again and develops a completely new attitude to life.

Find out about the variety of cosmetic operations for women and visit the treatment offer.

Treatments for Men

These days men also pay more attention to their appearance. They do not accept malformations or signs of aging without further ado but have them corrected.

Skew noses or tear sacs, double chins or hip rings, modern aesthetic surgery allows corrections to be carried out quickly and easily. In the private clinic of Dr. Thomas Scholz your wishes will be realized reliably and with low risk.

Specialist Dr. Thomas Scholz has many years of experience and intensive training. Cosmetic surgery is an affordable luxury with a healthy cost/benefit ratio.

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