Chin reduction / enlargement

The chin is an area of the face which is very often underestimated in its function of aesthetic appearance. Many patients who are unhappy with the lower third of their face need a lot of imagination to see how a change in the contour of the chin can dramatically change and rejuvenate their appearance.

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The chin area can be quite weak and thus negatively affect the projection of the lower part of the face. In contrast, a chin that is too prominent can leave a very masculine impression and also disturb the harmony of the face.

Apart from very fine and superficial contour irregularities of the chin, which can be treated very well with filler and / or autologous fat, the problem to be treated is often in the area of the bone structure of the lower jaw and the chin.

For this reason it is possible that chin implants can improve the projection of the chin as well as the shape and contour of the lower face in an excellent way. However, chin implants change the projection of the chin in only one plane.

However, some patients require a change in bone structures in several planes. For this reason, Dr. Scholz also works very closely with oral and maxillofacial surgeons, as it can often be necessary to change the lower jaw.

I would be happy to show you personally possibilities that not only help you to look fantastic but also to feel so.