Breast reduction

Women who come to me in my private clinic in Munich with the need for breast reduction all have similar complaints. These are usually neck pain, back pain, skin diseases below the breast crease (e.g. fungal diseases, dermatitis, etc.), as well as a shedding of the bra straps in the area of the shoulders.

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Furthermore, difficulties to find suitable clothes, a restriction in sports and social inhibition (often in younger and older patients) also belong to the usual motivations.

Breast reduction will reduce the volume and weight of your breasts and often lead to a relief or complete, successful treatment of the above mentioned complaints.

From a functional and aesthetic point of view, these operations are extremely satisfactory and my patients often report that they wish they had had them years ago.

Although a symptomatic improvement of these patients with pathologically enlarged breasts can be brought about, there is also a second extremely important goal - to form a more attractive and well modeled breast.

There are a large number of different techniques for breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty). It is important to understand that all these surgical methods leave scars on the breast, although they usually heal well and I follow many prophylactic and therapeutic approaches to keep scarring to an optimum.

As I have been performing these operations for over 10 years, the way these operations are performed has been optimized and perfected. But the goals have always remained the same over the years: an aesthetic and natural looking breast, a long-term result that maintains the shape and position achieved throughout life and, ultimately, the reduction of scars as far as possible.

A very positive aspect of breast reduction is that during the operation it is possible to treat conspicuous tissue and unclear findings simultaneously and specifically. For example, there are a large number of patients who come to my private practice with a specific finding and who wish to have their breast reduced and at the same time have unclear tissue removed. Such a combined surgical procedure naturally requires cooperation with your gynaecologist as well as detailed diagnostic examinations prior to the operation.

I will be happy to show you personally possibilities that not only help you to look fantastic but also to feel so.

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