This aesthetic treatment is a widespread plastic surgery procedure that originally removes excess skin and excessive fatty tissue below the navel for reshaping and firming of the abdomen.


Consider - abdominoplasty is a difficult surgical procedure that can cause problems, especially if the incision or scarring is wrong. Dr. Scholz is specialized in this surgery and can provide excellent recommendations.

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  • Introduction
  • Method by Dr. Scholz
  • Preconditions
  • Surgical procedure
  • Costs and Prices
  • Healing process
  • Conclusion


A concentrated and long preliminary planning is required for this aesthetic surgical operation. It is not a "lapidary matter" and requires training and specialization from the physician.

Experience reports show that in Germany a horizontal incision is usually made somewhere halfway between the navel and the pubic bone. Sometimes unfortunately even in connection with a vertical cut (i.e. lying in the midline).

According to Dr. Scholz's aesthetic understanding, this method is not the best. The danger of unattractive visible scars is latent. In addition, the patient's goal is a flat stomach that is beautiful to get and not to have another problem.

Scars after tummy tuck surgery are unavoidable and surgery without scars is not possible. There are, however, intelligent modern methods and surgical techniques, where excellent results can be seen after 1 year.

Method by Dr. Scholz

For the abdominoplasty, Dr. Scholz uses a cutting technique that is more commonly used in Brazil and the USA and shows very good experience reports.

Experiences with this procedure are a significantly better contour of the upper and lower abdomen as well as the flanks (synonym: Love Handles).


Here the cuts lie below the pubic bone beyond the pubic hair approach. Laterally, the incisions lead in the anatomical border between torso and leg (in the given skin fold), so that the scars all clearly disappear in the bikini zone.

With this method you also have the advantage that many scars such as after caesarean sections, appendectomy are also removed.

Belly button

Often there is little thought given to tightening the abdomen via the navel. However, this operation results in a new beautiful navel. Depending on how your wishes are different designs or shapes can be considered.

Your new navel can for example be vertically oriented or have a naturally created overhang at the upper end.

The typical circular scars around the navel are often found outside the USA. This may be one reason why women or men feel that this is a mistake or a failure. This is completely understandable, because these scars are absolutely unnecessary and avoidable.

Dr. Scholz Arzt - Chirurg

The Difference: Plastic and Functional Surgery

A surgical tummy tuck is a very safe and above all effective method to reduce the size of the waist. As a patient, you have a flat, well-trained abdomen with incredibly attractive results.

One of the great advantages of Dr. Scholz's abdominoplasty is that this operation not only removes soft tissues and reunites the abdominal muscles.

His elaborate technique also includes:

  • Damage to the abdominal wall (rectus diastasis, abdominal wall hernia, etc.) is treated aesthetically and functionally.
  • Therapeutic and prophylactic care of the functional unit "abdominal wall and abdominal wall".
  • Addressing weak points of the abdominal wall and abdominal muscles to restore them as a functional unit

The methodology creates a reinforced core that reflects your original waist and gives the entire torso a 3-dimensional aesthetic shape.

There are, however, great differences in the execution of this aesthetic intervention. These are above all:

  • Professional qualification
  • Intensity of care before - after
  • Time spent in the operating theatre
  • Functional and plastic recovery

From these differences as well as additional achievements with us also the costs and prices are to be closed. For you as a patient, this plastic surgery is therefore not easy to assess in terms of price.

The following table shows what Dr. Scholz believes is important to achieve a beautiful and attractive abdomen as an excellent result.

Excellent Average

If you want a phenomenally attractive and outstanding long-term result, the following factors are required

  • Experience in aesthetic analysis.
  • Extensive planning and discussion.
  • Surgical expertise and creativity.
  • Higher expenditure and longer time in the OP.

For a plastic surgeon this operation is not particularly difficult if he is satisfied with an average result.

  • The main task is simply to remove excess skin and fat.
  • In any case improvement compared to before is the tadk
  • Reduction of a fat apron

As a result of a really beautiful tightening of the abdomen, patients see in the before-after comparison clear differences in your figure. The great medical and personal effort is only covered by an excellent abdominoplasty and a high degree of aesthetic attractiveness is definitely gained.

Preconditions for an Abdominoplasty

Women and men, who have gained 10 - 20 kg in weight and then lost it again, usually fulfil the requirements quite well to achieve an ideal before - after result and to have a slim figure with hardly visible scars.

In women the weight fluctuation is often caused by pregnancy and in men by natural weight fluctuation in the course of life and dietary habits.

Fat apron - excess skin

In the case of weight loss, the skin and fat usually do not regress adequately, as the elastic recoil of the soft tissue no longer takes place sufficiently with increasing age.

For this reason, an excess of soft tissue remains which cannot be eliminated with any fitness or nutrition programme.

In addition to this problem, weight gain or pregnancy has left damage or functional weaknesses on the abdominal wall (abdominal muscle with fascia). The abdominal wall and the abdominal wall form a functional unit.

Recommendation liposuction and tummy tuck

In order to achieve the best result, it is checked in the consultation room and during the examination whether a pure abdominoplasty should be carried out.

Alternatively, the three-dimensional shape of the abdominal wall can be perfected with the help of body contouring. Body contouring combines abdominoplasty with liposuction.

The flanks up to the lumbar spine (love handles) are formed by liposuction and lipostructure to achieve a harmonious and perfect result not only at the front, but also laterally and at the back up to the spine.

These additional methods are extremely demanding and require a lot of experience in this field. Such a kind of three-dimensional alteration in the entire torso area is only carried out by less than 15 experts around the world.


After birth, breastfeeding and happiness there is often an unpleasant awakening when a woman notices that her stomach is suddenly not as firm and flat as it was before.

As a woman you do not have to accept this situation today. Alternatives without surgery such as creams, diet or gymnastics rarely manage to be effective. It also depends on a personal predisposition.

After pregnancy, the aesthetic requirements for the shape of the torso and the abdominal wall vary greatly from patient to patient. The specialist therefore has to deal with the patient in detail.

"Is it possible to become pregnant after a tummy tuck? This could be the question if you have not yet been pregnant. It is advisable to inform your doctor about your wish to have children. So that one discusses the topic in detail.

Surgical procedure

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a comprehensive and difficult surgical procedure. The best results are usually achieved through many years of experience and specialization.

Dr. Thomas Scholz is an expert for this operation and uses modern methods for post-operative pain therapy and wound healing.

Preliminary consultation

A detailed initial consultation takes place in our private practice in the centre of Munich. Here you will experience a discreet and personal contact in the smallest circle. All in all, the highest level of discretion is maintained.

Specialist for plastic surgery Dr. Thomas Scholz is looking forward to meeting you personally. Our private practice provides a relaxed atmosphere where we take our time. Consultation and treatment are based on your circumstances and not on our interests.

Clinic - Munich

The surgery is performed in Munich in an excellent and discreet private clinic at Stiglmaierplatz. Top trained medical staff in combination with high-end operating facilities are the key to best results. You will be treated directly after the operation in a very comfortable environment.

Clinic - Munic Abdomiplasty


As a rule, the operation lasts between 4 and 6 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

For over 10 years, Dr. Scholz has been using a special pain therapy procedure, which makes the early healing phase much more pleasant.

The incisions of the abdominoplasty lie deep down at the torso and in the navel and are closed with self-dissolving surgical sutures.

After the operation you will receive individual and very personal care until it is guaranteed that you have well tolerated the surgery.

You will then be monitored and cared for in the private clinic for one night.

The two drains, which are diverted via the lateral incisions (no extra incisions are made!), are removed at the earliest on the following day after the procedure.

However, these drains usually remain for a longer period of time. This depends strongly on the course of the operation during and early after the operation. This is very different from patient to patient and there are different experience reports.


A high level of aftercare is critical to the success of any surgical procedure. After the operation, you will only have access to qualified nursing staff in the clinic. Before you leave the clinic, you will receive a complete post-operative consultation, as well as a telephone number that you can reach 24 hours a day if you have any questions or concerns.

In the further course of the procedure, follow-up examinations will take place in the private practice of Dr. Thomas Scholz personally. We do everything we can to ensure that you, as a patient, can expect a quick and complete recovery. We are always there for you. This gives you the security and inner peace for an optimal healing process.

Costs and Prices

The compensation will be agreed with you individually according to your requirements and wishes. You will notice that Dr. Scholz takes a lot of time for you as a patient during the entire treatment. This is the basis for the treatment concept and the cost estimate.

The cost estimate is influenced by:

  • Duration of inpatient stay
  • Prerequisites Patient
  • With or without liposuction
  • Special requirements or indications

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The healing process

For many patients it is very important to have an overview of the healing process. For Signature Aesthetics by Dr. Scholz, follow-up treatment and monitoring of the healing process are important components of this plastic surgery. After 1 year you will still receive a result check from us.

General information

Wound healing is completed at the earliest after one year and it is advisable not to go through this early phase of such a large operation too quickly.

Since each patient is different, recovery times vary individually, but we usually expect a full recovery and return to all normal activities about six to eight weeks after surgery. Most people return to work 2 to 4 weeks after the operation.

Risks and side effects

In addition to the risk of anaesthesia, which exists with every operation, there are also short-term risks such as postoperative bleeding or infections. The occurrence is extremely rare, but for safety's sake repeated follow-up checks should be carried out by the plastic surgeon.

Furthermore, circulatory disturbances can occur in the area of the surgical scar, which in the worst case could lead to skin death. The navel itself can also be affected by circulatory disorders after the operation, which fortunately is only extremely rarely described as a complication and can occur.


Example after 1 Yearbauchdeckenstraffung-narbe-nach-einem-jahr.jpg

Since the operation does not proceed without scars, it is the surgeon's ability and experience to apply new and intelligent techniques so that scars are hardly visible after 1 year and cuts are placed correctly.

Anyone who visits forums and social media groups today will notice that "scars too high" is a problem when women discuss this procedure. And indeed, you often see women or men with scars that are very high on their belly and an unattractive navel.

In addition to the professional expertise of the plastic surgeon, it is also the very high expenditure of time why the abdominoplasty then looks better. This increased effort is due to the following factors:

  • Complex micro-surgical methods for the suture.
  • Hide scars through modern incisions and place them in a favourable position.
  • To create an attractive and aesthetic waist instead of a "cylindrical trunk".

Pain after tummy tuck

Pain perception is a completely individual quantity. While sensitive ladies complain of pain, more insensitive ones easily put the pain away. The feeling of tension is also perceived differently.

However, since this is a major surgical procedure, postoperative pain and wound pain must be controlled with medication.

Nowadays there are a number of very intelligent pain medications that allow a quick return to normal daily activities.

For very large abdominoplasty, we usually use a very new method for early postoperative pain treatment using pain catheters. To our knowledge, this unique therapy or procedure is only established in Signature Aesthetics.

The finest catheters are implanted during the operation in such a way that they do not visibly apply controlled pain therapy for five days after the operation. For this the patient does not have to be in hospital or in our clinic, which does not delay a discharge home to your accustomed environment.


As a serious and highly motivated physician, it is important to Dr. Thomas Scholz that the patient understands that abdominoplasty is not an easy procedure. The plastic surgeon must aim for a perfect aesthetic result.

The price is an important factor for you as a client. More important should be the aesthetic result reflecting the efforts you make.

The specialist, who produces an excellent result, must not only bring in specialist knowledge and experience, but also a much higher surgical effort.

Note: Software supported translation from German.